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Blog:Why do not you succeed? You should think carefully about this issue, I believe many people have thought about, but the answer is almost identical to their own, not luck and limited capacity!
Really bad luck? Or we are accustomed to blame for the failure in the repeated destruction of our destiny over, he refused to get up and move forward? If you found it difficult to change the fate let negative emotions prevail, will go failure fate.
Who ask you to choose the fate of the failure?
Why some people want to choose the cheap price invisible ink marked cards? As we all know, cheap price is equal to cheap quality. If you only want to buy some infrared marked playing cards and invisible ink contact lenses to have fun, then it does not matter. If you want to use them in the real Texas Holdem or Omaha playing card game, contrary to expectations, it would be a big loss.
Blog:Here we are gonna introduce you to our automatic marked card shuffler scanner camera.
We normally hide a poker camera inside the automatic card shufflers of different sizes: small size for holding 2 invisible ink playing card decks, medium size for holding 4 or 6 marked deck, big size for holding 8 decks of marked poker cards. The camera is totally concealable, impossible to be discovered by other poker players.
It can read barcode marked playing cards quickly, accurately and stably, then collect the information of the cards and last transfer the data to a poker analyzer.
Blog:Generally speaking, we process normal Copag playing cards with marked cards poker printer and invisible ink pen into two kinds of Copag marked deck of cards: back invisible ink marked cards and barcode marked playing cards. The invisible ink marks printed on the playing cards are capable of staying unfading as long as 2 years.
There is no chromatic aberration between infrared marked cards and the original playing cards after the mechanical processing.
If you want to use the Copag magic tricks with marked cards for poker card marking, you need to wear a pair of poker perspective glasses, of uv invisble ink contact lenses or sunglasses, while if you want to use Copag barcode marked playing cards for Texas Holdem and Omaha games, you need to use poker analyzer system and playing cards scanner camera. Both the poker perspective glasses and the poker analyzer system are available from our company.

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Golden Sunshine Entertainment Products Co., Limited was established in 2002, which was originally made up by several employees. Nowadays, the company has enlarged both in her human resources and product areas. Now has won her reputation of the one of leading manufacturer of marked cards and contact lenses over this decade.

Over the years, Golden Sunshine have successfully brought out the impressively new products constantly like Luminous marked cards, Contact lenses (for luminous marked cards), Scanning System, Scanning camera. It's worth mentioning that contact lenses for marked cards are full of surprise. In the predictable future, Golden Sunshine will continue tapping in updated products in every relevant field.

Luminous Marked Cards

Once wearing infrared contact lenses or sunglasses of Golden Sunshine, you can read the invisible luminous marks in the middle or four corners on the back of Infrared Marked Cards, which cannot be seen by naked eyes. Golden Sunshine can offer products which customize by customers according to different requirements of them.

Contact lenses

Contact lenses of Golden Sunshine for eyes of different colors: Blue, Green, Brown, Dark and Grey. They could be classified into IR Contact lenses and UV Contact lenses. They could detect the invisible marks on the back of the playing cards, while the marks are invisible for all naked eyes.

Scanning System

Texas Hold'em and Omaha are the first two advanced devices in predicting the outcome of Texas Hold'em and Omaha game. Therefore, they are used widely. They can be operated by just one person. It responds in an incredible speed and the accuracy of the device can be 100%. Except that it can tell you the first and the second winner, even the rank of all players within 0.5 second.

Scanning camera

Mobile phone scanning camera including different fashionable brands mobile phone, such as Nokia, Blackberry, iPhone. In the same brand, there are different Model. Perhaps varieties of scanning camera from Golden sunshine, which let you feel dazzled. Don't worry, you can choose brand and distance that suitable for you in different occasions, because the camera can be perfectly installed inside your phone. But for mobile phone scanning camera, there are other selections for you: Car key, chip tray, watch, wallet, cuff etc.